Mission and Values

Our Mission:

The Bikery uses collaborative, hands-on education in bicycles and cycling to liberate movement and increase access to knowledge, and to share the revelation that all forms of knowledge can be earned freely.

Our Values:

  • The Bikery wishes to demystify the bicycle by familiarizing people with their bikes, and by encouraging personal and vocational exploration. At the Bikery, any style of cyclist can build self-confidence and increase their skills in a non-intimidating atmosphere.
  • The Bikery encourages interaction between diverse people in an accessible, safe, and welcoming space. In addition to its function as a workspace, the Bikery is a place to relax and socialize.
  • Money, or lack thereof, should never be an issue that discourages using the Bikery space and resources.
  • Safety and the skills to attain it - including knowing rules of the road and common-sense rules of thumb, wearing helmets and using lights - will always be emphasized.
  • The Bikery promotes the idea that there is more to bicycling than transportation. Bicycles are fun, artistic, recreational, functional, smart, conservation-minded, and beautiful.
  • The Bikery helps people realize their own internal mental and physical capabilities achieved through cycling.
  • Community outreach is our responsibility.
  • We strive to build partnerships with other like minded organizations.
  • We recognize that marginalization exists in bicycle culture. The Bikery is dedicated to minimize this by continually improving our own education and providing resources for others to do the same.
  • All people involved in the Bikery will adhere to our values with understanding and sincerity, and wholeheartedly appreciate the diverse population the Bikery serves.