Support the Bikery

The Bikery is an all volunteer nonprofit organization, and there is always room for people like you to support us. We have opportunities for support available to everyone regardless of income or time availability. Here are a few ideas to get started.


Monetary donations

The Bikery's shop provides a steady stream of income to us, but in order to continue making bicycling accessible through our worktrade program, we need additional philanthropic support. Small donations make a world of difference as $5 will help a visitor work on their bike for an hour, and $10 can help them attend a class.

If you are intersted in making a monetary donation of any amount, you have several options. You can donate securely online through Network for Good. You can also either bring a donation into the shop, or mail a check to:

The Bikery
845 Hiawatha Pl S
Seattle, WA 98144


Donate bikes & shop materials

The Bikery works through recycling bikes either by repairing them or by salvaging their parts for others. We will take a donation of your used bike to either resell or use for its parts. We also accept donations of tools and other shop items such as lubricants and cleaners. While we will do our best to take in what you bring to us, we are not abe to take everything. If you have questions about making a physical donation to the Bikery, contact us, or just drop by the shop. (Please only donate during our open hours - do not leave donations while we are closed.)


Donate items off of our Wish List

We can always use stuff to help keep our organization running smoothly. Some needed goods are shop items, but we also go through common items like printer paper, toilet paper, and light bulbs. If you're interested in donating supplies, contact us or drop by the shop to find out what we need.



Not only does volunteering with any task earn you shop credit with the Bikery, but it helps us remain open and completing our mission. We have a variety of tasks which allow people who do not have mechanical skills to help us out. To learn more about how you can help, check out our volunteer page.

Thanks for your support!