Inventory Acquisition Manager

The Inventory Acquisition Manager (IAM) will find and acquire more bicycles and components to be donated to The Bikery. Ideally, the IAM is an active member of the Seattle cycling community, because they will act as an ambassador for The Bikery. Possible streams of incoming bicycles include condo and apartment complexes (abandoned bikes left in the garage), schools, large businesses, and cycling community members. The IAM will reach out to organizations and the community to find cool stuff, and will coordinate with the Shop Lead, Volunteer Committee Lead, and other Bikery volunteers to ensure the items are transported to the shop. The aim of this process is to recycle and reuse bicycles which may not otherwise see a new life. The IAM should be conscious of what the shop needs (with regards to types of bikes, sizes, etc.) by working with the Shop Lead. It is helpful (although not necessary) for the IAM to be able to identify whether a bike is worth acquiring, storing, and investing time and money into making it work. It is very important that The Bikery does not acquire and sell stolen goods, so this is something the IAM must be acutely aware of when finding donations. In short: we run on donations by upcycling unwanted stuff, so help us find cool stuff for free!


  • Develop and maintain relationships with possible donors
  • Help coordinate donation pickups with the rest of our volunteer base

Works under direction from:

  • Shop Lead (Josh/Evan)

Works closely with:

  • Outreach Committee Lead (Marley)
  • Volunteer Committee Lead (Mike)
  • Shifters

Beneficial Skills:

  • A go-getter!
  • Organized

Expected time commitment: As much time as you want to put into it!