The Merchandiser will manage the inventory and display of all retail goods at The Bikery. This requires the Merchandiser to be aware of current stock levels, which can be accomplished by coming in for a short time every week and/or keeping in close contact with shifters. The Merchandiser also must be aware of what sells in The Bikery. Because they will work with the Shop Lead, the Merchandiser will have assistance on this front. With these bits of knowledge, the Merchandiser places all orders. Currently, shop orders go out about once per month, based on the needs of the shop.


  • Monitor and control inventory levels of all retail goods
  • Create eye-catching merchandise displays
  • Set prices of retail goods based on supplier cost and market price
  • Organize digital point-of-sale system (Square Register app in iPad)

Works autonomously and under direction from:

  • Shop Lead (Josh/Evan)

Works closely with:

  • Finance Lead (Wes) to determine budget
  • Shifters to determine the shop’s + our customers’ needs

Beneficial relevant experience (not required!):

  • Buyer or sales rep at a shop
  • Seller of any physical goods

Expected time commitment: around 4 hours per month