Shifters are the lifeblood of the shop! They commonly serve as the first and last point of contact between community members and The Bikery and we certainly couldn’t survive as an organization without them. During a shift, a shifter could be serving as a mechanic-educator, bike builder, organizer, and greeter. A shifter is responsible for opening or closing the shop, interfacing with and educating community members, performing housekeeping duties (cleaning, organizing, etc.) and handling monetary transactions for goods or stand time. A shifter must be friendly, self-sufficient, and mechanically apt. A shifter does not need to be a highly-experienced mechanic, although it is very helpful; more important than being a bike-wiz, a shifter should know when to say “I don't know, let’s look it up”. A shifter must NOT be rude, mean, impatient, condescending, racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, ageist, classist, or a jerk. There are a handful of totally attainable steps a volunteer must walk before they are ready to lead a shift. The shifters are the primary component in making our shop a welcoming and awesome space!


  • Ensure all patrons are greeted with a welcoming attitude and treated with respect and friendliness
  • Open and close shop
  • To whatever level they feel comfortable, educate community members while assisting them in fixing/building their bike
  • Perform organizational duties
  • Handle monetary transactions

Works under direction from:

  • Shop Lead (Josh/Evan)

Works closely with:

  • Volunteer Committee Lead (Mike)
  • Other Shifters

Expected time commitment: At least 2 shifts (4 hours each) per month (rotating schedule, sign up as available)