Shop Helper

The Shop Helper is, in short, a huge help in the shop! No mechanical skill is required because there’s always plenty to do. They often leave the first and last impression on Bikery patrons in the shop as the greeter and checkout person. They’ll assist with heralding The Bikery’s mission to first-time visitors, commanding the iPad, organizing our merch display, helping out with whatever is on our current to-do list, playing the jams, helping out with repairs if possible / learning about repairs from shifters, and generally being positive, friendly, and awesome. If you thought the shop was excellent with one person working, you should see it with two!


  • Greeting visitors and helping them find a work station
  • Checking out customers on the iPad and register
  • Organizing, sorting, and tidying
  • Tackling our to-do list
  • Assisting with repairs (if possible)
  • Keeping the beat from dropping

Works under direction from:

  • Shop Lead (Josh/Evan)

Works closely with:

  • Shifters
  • Volunteer Committee Lead (Mike)

Expected time commitment: about 4 hours per month (that's one full shift)