Help Wanted!

We're growing!

As of May 2016, we're looking to expand our team so we can do more for the community and ensure further stability within our organization! We're really excited about it and we've got a ton of cool plans, but we'll need your help to be able to do it all. If you're interested, email with some info about yourself, your experience with us thus far (if any - not required!), what you could bring to The Bikery to make it even more awesome, and any further questions you may have. Click the links below for descriptions of the positions we're looking to fill!

Shifters - sacred keyholders; those who wrench to keep the shop alive
Shop Helper - keep the shop running smoothly
Online Sales - help us move our goods
Inventory Acquisition - prowler of donations, giving bikes and parts a second life
Merchandiser - keep the shop stocked with essentials
Programming Assistant - help plan and execute awesome bike-related events
Grant Writer - haul in trucks of money from the government and foundations that might want to support us

Have another skill that you think would make a great contribution to The Bikery? We’re open to ideas and would love to hear what you’d like to bring!

All positions come with shop discounts and the invaluable experience and satisfaction that come with being an essential part of one of Seattle's coolest and most unique nonprofits.

The Bikery is a 100% volunteer-run project. All our programs are driven by folks who love bicycles and want to support community empowerment, and are volunteering their time to make things happen. The Bikery is always looking for - and thrilled to have - anyone interested in helping folks learn and get on bikes in a safe, supportive environment. If you're interested in getting started volunteering with The Bikery, email or come in on a day/time that we're open and let one of the volunteers know.

The perks of becoming a full volunteer are great: you can call yourself one of The Bikery, use the shop at your discretion, and get near-wholesale prices from bicycle parts distributors, discounts on Bikery parts, and pro-deals from a few cycling industry outfits (clothes, shoes, etc.).